Recent Cases

I'm an experienced Cleveland DUI lawyer. I know drunk driving ( DUI / OVI ) law inside and out.  Most local attorneys do not.  Plus, I'm not afraid to take on the prosecutor, police and even the Judge.  I'll fight for you and give you the best OVI representation possible.  Here are some recent examples:

Rocky River OVI Jury Trial - NOT GUILTY

Client acquitted of OVI by jury in Rocky River Municipal Court. Client was facing six months in jail, high fines, high  court costs and long probation because he had a prior OVI conviction just a year earlier. John convinced the Judge to throw out the breath test result because of problems with the test and the jury found him not guilty.

Parma OVI Bench Trial - NOT GUILTY

Cleveland Municipal Court Judge found client not guilty of OVI.  Client arrested by Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant with over 20 years experience and 100's of OVI arrests.  The Trooper testified at trial.  John was able to cross examine the Trooper and point out the many inconsistencies and weaknesses with the case.  Judge agreed the case was weak and found client not guilty.

Cleveland OVI - Dismissed

John convinced Cleveland Municipal Court Judge to throw out OVI charges against client because of improprieties with the arrest.  The arresting police department did not follow proper arrest and post-arrest procedures.

Cleveland OVI - Dismissed

Cleveland Municipal Court Judge threw out all of the evidence (and thereby throwing out the case) because the Cleveland police officer did not follow proper procedure.

Cleveland OVI - Reduced

John convinced prosecutor to reduce OVI charge because of weaknesses with the case.  Client avoided jail time, probation, license suspension, increased insurance costs and high fines and court costs because of the reduction.

Cleveland OVI - Reduced

Client had diabetes and crashed head-on into oncoming car.  Prosecutor tried to use blood test from hospital to prove client had very high blood alcohol level.  John convinced Judge to a reduced charge because the prosecutor could not legally use the hospital blood test results and because a diabetic with low blood sugar (like the client) will have naturally occurring alcohol in his system that spikes the blood test results.