I’m an experienced record expungement attorney and can help you get a fresh start.  The Ohioexpungement law was recently expanded to allow the sealing of unlimited misdemeanor offenses AND unlimited fourth and fifth degree felonies. The new law also allows the sealing of third degree felonies in some cases.  This new law dramatically increases the number of people eligible to seal their arrest and conviction records.

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Even if you’ve been turned down in the past, you may be eligible now. It is important to seek the advice of an attorney who is experienced in sealing criminal records in order to find out if your particular situation meets the eligibility requirements. You’ll need an experienced record expungement attorney to get your convictions sealed. Give me a call to find out for sure if you can get your convictions expunged.

The wait time before you can apply for expungement depends on what you’re trying to seal.  The wait time starts once you’ve completed all the requirements of your sentence (typically probation, paying all fines and court costs):

  • Misdemeanors, 4th and 5th felonies – one year
  • 3rd degree felony – 3 years

Why Seal Your Record?

Sealing a criminal record will give you a fresh start and will remove many obstacles you’ve been facing because of your past conviction.

A few of the many benefits of sealing a criminal record are:

      • Record no longer be available to the public.
      • Restore rights and privileges that were not terminated upon completion of the sentence or parole.
      • No requirement to disclose a criminal record when applying for employment.
      • No requirement to disclose the conviction when applying for housing.
      • No requirement to disclose a sealed record when submitting educational applications.

How Does it Work?

You have to file an application with the court and submit a filing fee of $50. Once an application has been filed, the court will set a hearing date. The prosecutor may file an objection to the granting of the application. If the prosecutor has made an objection, she must specify her reasons why the application should be denied.  If the prosecutor objects, you’ll need an experienced record expungement attorney on your side.

At the hearing, or upon an objection from the prosecution, the court will determine whether the applicant is eligible, whether criminal proceedings are currently pending against the applicant, whether the applicant has been sufficiently rehabilitated to the court’s satisfaction, consider the prosecution’s objections, and weigh the applicant’s interests to have the record sealed against the legitimate needs of the government to keep the records. Once the court has considered the application, and decided the offender’s record should be sealed, the court will order all official records pertaining to the case sealed, and the proceedings will be considered to not have occurred.

Disqualifying Offenses
Under Ohio Rev. Code § 2953.32, a person is NOT eligible to have their record sealed if they were convicted of any of the following offenses, including, but not limited to:

      • First or Second Degree Felony Convictions
      • Convictions requiring a mandatory prison term
      • Rape
      • Sexual Battery
      • Most Sex Offenses
      • Sexual Imposition
      • Pandering Obscenity Involving a Minor
      • Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter Involving a Minor
      • Illegal Use of a Minor in Nudity-Oriented Material
      • Violent Offenses that were misdemeanors of the first degree or felonies
      • Riot
      • Assault
      • Inciting to Violence
      • Inducing Panic
      • Importuning
      • Voyeurism when Victim Under 18
      • Public Indecency when Victim Under 18
      • Promoting Prostitution when Victim Under 18
      • Procuring when Victim Under 18
      • Disseminating Harmful Material to Juvenile
      • Displaying Matter Harmful to Juveniles
      • Pandering Obscenity when Victim Under 18
      • Convictions for a misdemeanor of the first degree or felony when victim was under 18

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