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DUI Checkpoints

The Ohio State Highway Patrol will continue its focus on OVI enforcement throughout 2021. In 2019, OSHP made over 24,000 OVI arrests!

The Ohio State Highway Patrol greatly increased the number of troopers in Cuyahoga County and surrounding counties in 2015. The increased presence will continue through this winter, especially the holiday weekends. I’ve had three different troopers testify that they’ve each made more than 150 DUI / OVI arrests in a single year. If you decide to drink and drive, there’s a very good chance you’ll meet one of these troopers. And beware, because they are not just on the highways. Be smart and safe.

Only One Way to Avoid DUI: Don’t Drink and Drive!!!

Be careful out there!  Obviously, the best way to avoid a drunk driving charge is to not drink and drive. Don’t drive to the bars and think you’ll call a cab if you drink too much. Just take a cab or uber there to start, or grab a ride, catch the bus, walk, or just stay home.

If you drive, know your limits and err on the side of caution.  DUI checkpoints are becoming more and more common, don’t put yourself at risk.

Uber – Designated Driver For Hire, Cheap

Uber is a newer cab like service. Basically, a driver uses his own car to pick up fares. You just need the uber app on your phone and can find a ride anyplace in Northeast Ohio very quickly. Lots of people find Uber a better fit than traditional cabs that can be hard to find in Cleveland, especially the suburbs. You can download the Uber app here.

Designated Driver Rides –

BeMyDD, an Uber like website for designated drivers.  Here’s a Plain Dealer article about the service and here’s a link to the BeMyDD website